MFA Cracks Open Brazil’s Brutal Egg Industry.

MFA Cracks Open Brazil’s Brutal Egg Industry.

The egg industry is the most running industry in the world especially in Brazil. Thousands of eggs    are produced in the industry on daily basis. Mercy for animals cracks opened brutal egg industry of Brazil. More than 200 million chickens are kept in cages in Brazil and are treated very badly. More than 6 chickens are there in each cage and it becomes difficult for them to move their wings even. The chickens live in really bad conditions in the battery cages but no one actually cares for them.

Keeping hens in the battery cages is the norm, not only in Brazil but throughout the world.  On average, the cage is 18 by 24 inches in measurement and that’s not enough space for one bird, but egg producers cram as many as 6 birds into a single battery cage. It’s brutal!


This cruel confinement of egg producers in Brazil prevent the hens from moving around, preening, and from having the most basic comforts which are their right. The hens can’t even     for the companies and producers, this brutal act is totally fine. In the past, egg industry was not like this but presently, the demand for eggs and the desire of profit has led producers to start caging the hens. In normal conditions and natural environment, hens are very social and they spend most of their day roaming here and there. But when chickens lay eggs, they usually find a secluded place to nest in a protected area.

Putting hens into cages forces them to lay eggs only where they are present is a very cruel act. Some setups are made to funnel the eggs to make egg collection easier for the suppliers. They keep everything at one place which makes it easy for them to manage and reduces the cost  too. Switching to a cage-free system requires more expenses that’s why suppliers always  avoid it and don’t think about the poor chickens. In fact, it costs producers 36% more to produce cage-free eggs and supply them in the market. Clearly, this type of system is not  free for a minute and start thinking about the hardships these chickens are facing, you will realize how serious this situation is. If we cant think of ourselves locked into a single bus with thousand others, then how can we accept the same cruelty that has been done with the chickens?



It’s not over yet. The matter is not just about living in a congested space. Spending their lives    in cages takes its toll in other ways, too. The chickens often develop problems with their feathers because they can’t preen, osteoporosis from forced over-production of eggs, and feet problems from hard wires.

Most of the people don’t realize the pain these birds have been through. But if they realized, they will surely take a step to stop this cruelty. Choosing a meat-free meal is the best way to  stop the animal abuse. Killing poor animals for the sake of food is not a right thing so it should be avoided.